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Steven SashenWelcome!

I'm Steven Sashen, developer of the Instant Advanced Meditation Course and it's a pleasure to share this unusual and exciting program with you. Whether you're brand new to meditation or a long-time practitioner, I know the I AM Course can add a new level of clarity, ease, "oneness" and depth to your life.

The practices that make up this course are suprisingly simple and deliver profound changes in awareness.

Here's how I recommend you explore the I AM Course:

1) Listen to the Introduction. This came from a live class I gave a few months ago and explains where these practices came from and how "The Path of Recognition" creates such deep and effortless results. It gives you a framework for the practices and how to do them.

This intro is only 15 minutes and I don't recommend going onto the practices themselves without listening to it.

2) Listen to and practice All It Is. Follow along with the initial instructions, then listen to the feedback and Q&A, then follow the deeper instruction.

It will take about 30 minutes to go through the whole process... but once you know it, you can do the practice in just minutes.

3) Take the practice into your daily life... Experience "All It Is" while you're in the shower, or at a stop light... or take 5 minutes in the morning or evening to rest as All It Is. ("Rest" is the operative word here. If you're putting in effort, you're turning a Recognition practice into a Purification practice.)

4) After 2-3 days, or when you feel ready, listen to and practice Perceiving Receiving. Again, this audio will walk you through the initial instruction, some Q&A, and the deeper instruction.

5) Try "Perceiving the Receiver" during your daily activities... just for a few moments at a time. Or, set aside a few minutes and really sit as the Receiver. (Remember, with the Advanced Meditations, "more" doesn't mean "better." Just sit until "it's done.")

6) Let me know what you experience or discover! At the bottom of each audio is a form you can use to send your comments and feedback.

I've only shared these techniques with a few people, but lately I've been getting many requests to host a tele-class where you can experience the other practices in the I AM Course and get live, personal support. If you're interested, please indicate that below as well.

So... let's begin!

INTRODUCTION -- What is Instant Advanced Meditation and "The Path of Recognition"?

This is a recording from a live class I gave a few months ago.


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Click Here to experience Instant Advanced Meditation PRACTICE #8 -- All It Is


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